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Attachment for all you dr650 riders!

I did not take the actual fairing off out of laziness (sorry). But these are the attachment points I used for the dr650.

If you have the stock dr650 shroud on your bike like I did, you can see that it is connected at 3 points. One screw on the bottom and two bolts on the sides.
I used all 3 of these mounting points by drilling a hole through the bottom of the fairing into the bottom attachment, then attaching the fairing to the side mounting points by using a Alluminum rod/stick thing that I got at a harware store and used a vice to bend it to the proper angles for it to fit.

To me the most difficult part to this fabrication was the bending of the metal to get the right angles to work. Keep in mind that I did cut the fairing at the bottom to my liking so this happened to work (OEM headlight was the reason I cut the bottom of the fairing so I could use the stock headlight attachment points and place the headlight on the "flat spot" of the fairing)
Feel free to ask more questions!
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