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I have been riding for years and have never slipped the clutch as part of normal riding. I was taught that slipping the clutch would be bad and cause my clutch to wear out faster, so I never slip. Usually, I just engage and disengage the clutch as quickly as possible. The only time I may slip the clutch is in very tight traffic, waiting at a light, or navigating a tough situation.

When considering the restricted space and tight control required in heavy traffic, it makes sense to me, in a slow speed situation to slip the clutch. However, when I was riding 8's yesterday, I was dragging the rear brake. I felt that this was allowing me to make a tighter turn, but I also knew that if I was ever to get "fast" I'd have to learn a different technique.

I have been to another rider class where they taught more about the "friction zone." But I was never able to feel confident to put that technique into practice, until yesterday. I was trying to use the friction zone, while slipping the clutch, and dragging the rear brake. Still too slow, but I was tighter in the turns.

I have been reading on another web site about a mechanical adjustment to the Throttle Position Sensor on my fuel injected bike that would make the throttle less "snatchy." Fuel injection, as you roll on the throttle, tends to come on at a point, very quickly, with a surge that could be disastrous in a tight turn. So, I've been researching this fix. Until then, I will have to slip the clutch while employing trail braking in these types of maneuvers.
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