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I think every bike is different, and you will ride them differently. Each course is also different. The Japanese (JAGE) courses have long straights that allow wider lines at higher speeds. UK MotoGymkhana & AMGRASS keep the straights short and the speeds low, so the lines are narrow and quick, hence changing body position is much more difficult.

We are working on more training videos, and we have one that is clutch/brake specific. While not everyone needs to feather the clutch, most streetbikes dont have a lot of power at low speeds/low RPMs, so feathering allows you to keep the RPMs, and maintain the burst of power needed for bikes not geared really low.

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I had dirt knobbies and had a lot of trouble on the asphalt.
I ride dirt knobbies too

great video nulluser

looks like you guys are doing it right
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