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1 after 3k+ on an (new to me ) 2010 GS
2 normal dirt roads riding OVER 15 mph ok.
3 nasty stuff, off camber loose rock side of mountain twisty & more loose rock... 1st gear sucks.
4 1st gear is way to high for technical riding 2nd gear should be slightly lower & rest are ok.
5 If you want to burn clutch all day the gs800 with stock sprockets is the bike for tech riding.
Seems like the sweet spot on this machine is 3k rpm & up, does not work well at 5mph in a 30% grade in loose rock with a hairpin ( more loose rock) at the top. Add throttle snatch & its even worse.

I need to drop the front sprocket size. The other issue, is getting to these "neat" places require riding 100+ miles & fuel burn at over 75+ mph really stinks.. & requires carrying extra fuel.

Looking for suggestions on sprockets. I've dropped this bike (stalled) in nasty stuff more times than in any race I every ran in the last 40 yrs.
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