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Thumb HighAdventureTour 2012: From Insanity and Beyond....

Well I spose it's time to hit the road, fly the coup, get outta dodge... time to take off on another High Adventure...

As much as I love Sherri, my friends and family it's been long enough hang'n close to home... I GOTTA FLY!
This road trip will start the day after tomorrow and last through August and into the beginning of September if all goes as planned... (Turns out it will go until the END of October:0 ... ) If there continues to be a plan.

Hadn't thot of a name for this RR yet... so my brother from another mother Terry says "From Insanity and Beyond" perfect!

“I have lived on the lip
of insanity, wanting to know reasons,
knocking on a door. It opens.
I've been knocking from the inside.”

Been THRASHING for the last few weeks getting ready and jumping a couple hurdles... fresh top end, new DRZ400 forks, new Gen2 swing arm, both stator and clutch cases opened , radiator, new tool tubes, 18" rear wheel, calipers, rotors, lines and front master cylinder, bars with HDB goodies, Vapor and all controls, luggage, and MUCH MUCH MORE!
Here's Des' 2 weeks ago, still sporting alotta old stuff...

Here she is last week (after the TOTAL make over... pretty much everything but the frame and overflow bottle have been swapped out) on a shake down ride sans stickers... gotta get those new smaller pelicans stickered up before launch.

This ride will bring me into contact with lots of other folks and the Dreams they are living... a chance to step off the edge of my world and land onto theirs for a spell. It will also kinda force feed all the magnificent beauty of the land and sea (Mother Earth) as well as the energy of Father Spirit deep into my flesh and being. A new awareness always settles into me as I travel the pathways of land and air, my mind and being becoming more and more saturated with the true possibilities we all possess. All in all this ride will have changed me yet again by the time I return back to N.E. Pennsylvania... as a ride like this surely changes everyone who would step onto its trance like magic carpet.

Then on another shakedown ride last week I met Amy, she was doin' some fish'n up on Lycoming Creek north of Trout run, had to pull a U-turn and go meet her... Vava Voooooom, what a cutie.

She's from N. Eastern PA but now up in N. Central working the Marcellus Shale Gas fields gig. Bringing lotsa $$$ to the local area.... my thoughts on the Fracking are still not all ironed out.

Then at Kemlers Restaurant where I'm having one of my last breakfast before take off, I see two of my favorite girls.... Codie and Alanna. So inquisitive about life, people, and places to see... just beautiful:)

Last summer at the end of my HighAdventureTour 2011: Spills, Thrills aaand Puurrty Giirrls, I was going to do a loop through Labrador and the Maritimes, but a high speed get off that broke me up pretty good including fracturing my spine yet again, and also destroyed Desiree's entire front end put that off... yet again. I've been trying to ride that part of the World since July 2008... always being denied entry, maybe I've been forcing it too much? I hope to make it up there this summer after this Rally Ride portion is finished up... we shall see.

It turns out there are a few Rally's going on this summer... like 8-9 just in the West, I'll see how many I can hit as I pass through their space.
It kinda goes against my grain to have much of a plan... so to do these events is gonna take patience.. and a lot of it!
I will be hooking up with NomadGal, and Parepin for a good bit of the journey too, as all our adventures will cross paths at different times... together we'll see what kind of a summer we can create!

This link from last years ride will let you see who I was last year... it started out as a 6 week ride out to Spokane to get back surgery, removing a plate and screws from my Sacrum... it turned into 4 months burning 17,000 miles, and a return visit to spinal injury:0

I'll leave ya with this...
If you bring forth that which is within you,
Then that which is within you
Will be your salvation.

If you do not bring forth that which is within you,
Then that which is within you
Will destroy you. -the Gnostic Gospels

Peace FF'S... see ya somewhere on the path,
Jettn Jim

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