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[QUOTE=birds;18681286It looks like I have a lot of reading to do on techniques. I can put in a different front sprocket easily enough to try not slipping the clutch at a lower speed. I wasn't quite going lock to lock yet, but my locks are really far apart. Should it feel like your headlight is facing real far down? [/QUOTE]

Like others here, I havent' been able to find much to read about this stuff. I'm still a noobie myself but have been watching the all the videos that I can find and it looks like the headlight can be pointing down at an extreme angle, depending on the angle of lean and the depth of the turn. I've been trying to study body position as well as weight shift to figure out when and where the riders are moving to control the bike for each maneuver. I think that the distances between the cones is going to be very critical to make comparing course times accurate.

I have used Google Sketcher to draw a few things, as a free app, and it would lend itself very well here, because you can draw a flat diagram as well as a 3-D rendering, that includes dimensions in the drawing. It would be helpful to produce patterns that others could then copy for competitive purposes as well as practice sessions.

On another note:

I found a video shot in Japan where the riders were competing in heavy rain. It was obvious that they were off their normal times by a little, but still really pressing the bikes while riding through standing water on some places on the course that was, at times, between 1" and 2" deep. Blew me away! I guess I'm a sissy baby about rain and I'm gonna have to learn to get over it. These guys prove that if you "trust the Michelin Man" he will do his job and you just ride it. I'm gonna have to work to unlearn my squimishness about riding in rain, although I can't imagine competing in rain, there's really no reason not to ride in warmer weather since the tires are capable and I have a rain suit.
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