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rbm: Thanks so much for sharing the link, I'll have to check that out!

KLRUSERIOUS: Just let me know when you're headed this way!

I wasn't overly productive this weekend, but I did get what needed to be done done. I'm going to be out traveling all week again, and I wanted to confirm what I need in regards to the clutch and timing chain parts and get them ordered before I left. So, out to the garage I went early Saturday morning to take a look-see.

Removed the transmission. Hard to see here, but the shafts and splines all look good:

I wanted to dig deeper, but I wasn't able to get the bolts off. I don't have an impact wrench, so I'll have to buy or borrow one. In addition, I didn't have the three 2", 8mm bolts needed to properly release the diaphragm spring tension, so I couldn't go much farther. I decided everything I saw was clean enough that I would take a leap of faith and only order a new friction plate and diaphragm spring. I'd really be surprised if it needs a new pressure ring or pressure plate.

OK, onto the front cover. I had an issue with stripping out all three (!) of the bolts holding the generator on and thought I wasn't going to get much farther, but I was able to get them out.

Finally off:

Then off came the rotor:

And finally a view inside:

Tensioner looks good:

And honestly, so did the chain on first inspection:

But looking a little closer you can see where the chain was making contact with the casing:

Better to be safe than sorry, so I went ahead and ordered a new chain, tensioner, and tensioning spring. It's only money, right?!?

So I'm sending another $1,200 order into BMW Hucky today (who has been fantastic, by the way). Hopefully the parts should be here by mid next week so I can get a lot done next weekend.

I also ordered a new set of Bridgestone Battlax BT45 tires which should be here next week.
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