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Originally Posted by M.A.G. View Post
Not sure if this will help or not in your endeavor, but...I live in Columbus, GA right now ( ewwwww ) and will be moving hopefully soon further south ( Mobile ). That said, my team ( 2 of us, and our pit crew ) "raced" the B1K in 09, and early on in the race I sent the bike cliff diving and could not go on. Bones can be such fickle things.

When it comes time to head to Ensenada, and you find yourself short a pre run bike, look me up if need be. I have an 05 XR650R I will happily loan you if you promise to bring it back. It's my only bike, my race bike, and it has been worked over pretty well. Great suspension, everything essentially you have to do anyway, has been done. I have a few races to do between now and then, so I can't promise what shape it will be in when the time comes, but again, you are welcome to it to pre run with. We came up short a bike when we got there, and had to rent a huge piece of shit to pre run with, and it was not a good time.

Because of the connection not only of having been a brother in arms ( I did boot and AIT at Benning, swore I would never go back ) but also the connection a lot of us have come to know on this website, I'm happy to help where I can.
The best place for you to train locally ( I think you said you were nearby, right? ) is the Kentuck Trail complex in Talledega. It's about an hour and half away, and is the closest thing to racing on the moon ( Baja ) that you will find here. It's a two way trail, with animals ( turkey and deer ) that will run beside you and tell you how slow you are, and when you get fast and complacent, an atv will come around the corner and scare you again. I searched high and low for a local place to train, and it's the best I found, and it's cheap, and often vacant.
Anyway, when the time comes, look me up here if you need another pre running bike. Gotcha covered.
Hey MAG,

We really appreciate the offer but like Brett said, I think we're good on bikes for now. We'll definitely keep you in mind if something happens to one of our pre-run bikes.

I'm hoping to meet up at Brett's house in August. Maybe we can get together for a ride. We'd live to pick your brain about the Baja.

Thanks again brother,
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