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So I tried out this pattern today. Wow. I found this one to be substantially more demanding than the first one by Motomind. The back half, particularly the final three tight circles are a real killer. I don't know about you guys but after several laps, I am spent. This is a real workout. Hopefully it's just my poor technique and with time I wont feel as tired. I also find that this stuff really highlights some basic skills. In addition to good balance and throttle control, I find it essential to really rotate my head. If I don't turn my head around hard and focus on the next cone, I am done. I also find that it highlights my weaknesses. For me I am much stronger turning left so those tight right hand circles are a bitch. Lastly, as has been pointed out, dragging the rear and slipping the clutch is key. Lots of fun and great practice. I sure as hell won't be worrying about those tight u turns on the street anymore.
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