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I posted the original BMW bulletin a little while ago and it can be found here:

I can't speak for SS but I've found that once my R75 and R90 engines reach the correct "ulleage space" (Spelling?) (About half way between full and fill.) they essentialy stop using oil between oil changes.

OTOH, when running at high speeds (85 to 90+ mph) over long distances (500 miles or more per day), the R100s seem to use a few ounces of oil anyway, despite the oil cooler. I chalk that up to "severe useage" and add oil every day or so and change oil more frequently. At more normal speeds, my R100 engines perform about the same as the smaller displacment ones.

The mail thing is to watch the oil useage in YOUR engine and attend to it's needs, because as always, YMMV.

PS: There may have been further bulletin from BMW over the years but the one I posted is the only one I've ever seen.

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