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Finally, with good weather and snow melt I was able to run my first 200 hundred mile mix route today on the 350. All in all very impressed with the bike. Ran her up to 90mph with the 14/48 gearing then backed off, she still had legs, so plenty of get up and go...Mostly running jeep type roads and no single track, the gas mileage was about 55 mpg (24km/liter), not too bad.

Noticed the vib harmonics kick in at about 65mph (105km) on the black top. As such the mirrors distort to the point of being worthless. I added 2 oz of weight on the front to counter rim lock but front tire still has the wobble.

Like others have reported the spark arrestor blew out and lost in the first 100 miles. The sound signature definitely has more growl without the screen. Curious what others have done to secure the screen? The first thing that comes to my mind is add a little RTV.
I was told by the dealer that the screen in the end of the pipe is a restricture, the spark arrestor is in the muffler.
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