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Originally Posted by ozmoses View Post
Hopefully much longer than a Westco... yup, I'm gonna be "that guy"!

Cereally, I'm wondering the same thing about the PC680 i recently purchased.
I'm reminded of:

Originally Posted by Donkey Hotey View Post
I had an Odyssey catastrophically die when it was under a year old (internallly shorted). If not for riding with somebody who could jumpstart my GS with the battery disconnected, I would have been stranded 9 miles out in the desert.

Then to compound matters, they would not honor the warranty because I bought it on the internet (excuse me, my nearest 'dealer' was 100 miles away). They wouldn't return emails and at the time, wouldn't take phone calls either. I got stuck replacing it on my own (not another Odyssey).

I still have that battery here and someday, I'm going to shove it up somebody's ass at that company. They never have a rep at their display at the Long Beach Motorcycle show--ever (I've been looking for three years now). I've got 14 bikes and they'll never sell me another battery again.

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