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Originally Posted by ten_fiver View Post
I agree, and that in essence is what I love about advrider. You can speak your mind. You might get called out for it, but you're free to speak your mind regardless.

And as others have said, KTMT seems like a great place for singles riders, but being a twin rider I haven't found anything of much use to me over there.
thats true about the LC8 section being weak , this one is great no need for a duplicate because this one is here

but the OP and the other complaintants seemed to be aiming the negativity ray at the style and personal feel, not substance, character, and content ,
So not liking to be clearly identified is not a valid beef IMO, either is getting banned for trollism
neither are valid reasons for assigning a "one star" rating
so I do not agree with giving creedence to invalid opinions

I think that you can speak your mind there too. It's basically the same as here , true at ADV rider you can be a little more vulger or profane and it gives a feeling of freedom , there they will shut you down for saying a bad word

but personal attacks, racist remarks , hate speech , insults to the mods, or pressing political views out of context that are offensive to the mods will get you nuked in a heartbeat at either ktmt or adv
the rules are pretty generic on all message boards
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