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Originally Posted by lockyv7 View Post
You could do some real damage to your wallet at that Motoren-Israel site, i am thinking along the same lines with the exhaust as you, i am not game to remove the headers or collector as it looks like it may just fall apart if i started moving things its still the original system but it has no leaks so for now i will just replace the muffler with this can i found that is like a gsxr muffler but a little shorter then work backwards.
Put a Keihan Headers & Y peice on my 1996, 1070 Super R100GSPD (1070 seibenrock long rod kit, early model S heads with larger valves, twin plugged, 450 watt alternator, Nippondenso Starter, 5% lower 1st gear, 5% higher top gear etc) as well as my 1990 R100GS, twin plugged modded gearbox etc, and can report no loss of low end torque. (Work done by Ray Peake)

In fact the 1070 puts out about 90hp at the rear wheel and pulls over redline in top gear (5% higher top gear too), pulls through 200kph like no boxer I have ever ridden, next time you are in Brisbane drop in and have a look/ride.

John Olive
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