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Okay, this idea's a little "out there", but when it was suggested that we need information here on using Profiles and Shortcuts, it occurred to me that using both together makes the Montana into a "Transformer". You can be riding down the road in Nuvi mode, see a back road you want to check, hit the Shortcut you created to a Profile with Topo attributes, and in a couple of seconds your gps is switched over to a completely different unit with Topo maps enabled, Auto Zoom turned off, terrain shading enabled, whatever you set up in that Profile.

Here's How:

The most efficient way to do this is to start with one profile which we'll call "Master Profile". This will have the attributes you're likely to want in all the rest of the Profiles you're about to create. For instance, if you never want your gps to have Auto Zoom enabled, then make sure it's off in the Master Profile.

Once you're happy with your Master Profile, and it is the profile which is currently enabled, go to Setup/Profiles and click the + at the top of the screen as often as you'll need to create the new profiles based on the current one. The new profiles show up at the bottom of the list as "Profile NN". If you click on the new profiles, you can rename or select the profile to go to it. Modify each Profile accordingly.

I created multiple profiles on my Montana so as to have easy access to my different maps, each with the attributes I wanted specifically for those maps. I have one called Automotive, another called "Topo", a third called OSM Maps, a fourth called "Geocaching". You get the idea. Each profile is very different, the Dashboards/Icon placement in Main window/Number of Icons etc.

Once all those Profiles are created, I create Shortcuts to each of those Profiles, and add those Shortcuts to the various screens of each Profile.

In this example, the Automotive Profile screen has Shortcuts to the Topo, OSM, Canada Enhanced Basemap and Geocaching Profiles.

This is my Topo screen, showing Shortcuts to the OSM and Auto Profiles.

Creating a Shortcut to Another Profile: From any profile, select Setup\Shortcuts. Click the + at the top of the screen to add a shortcut. In the next screen, give it a short descriptive name, choose an icon, and in the "Profile" box, choose the profile you want to load. That's it!

Next step is to add the shortcut to the Profile you want it to work from. You will need to add it to all Profiles if it's one you want everywhere. To add the Shortcut, go back to the "Create Shortcut menu, and scroll down to the new Shortcut, then select it. Choose "Add to Menu", then Main Menu if you want it on your desktop, Drawer, or Favourites. You can have it in all three, for that matter. Once you have added it to the Main Menu, the icon will expand the number of menu items to fit the new one.

If you'd rather not have so many icons on the Main Menu, you can put your finger on items for a second, and drag them around to re-order that menu, or off the screen to put the icon back into the drawer.

With Profiles, it's important to know that if you update maps on your Montana, you need to go back to each Profile and make sure the maps you selected are still the ones which are enabled. I updated my City Navigator mapset recently and found it ended up enabled in all profiles. CNNA has the highest map priority, so if it's enabled, it's going to be the one you see no matter what else is enabled.

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