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Great start to your adventure!

Ellen and Andy,

I'm subscribed. I sure enjoyed meeting both of you and like I said, I was very excited to meet other people who enjoy riding DRs. There aren't very many DRs up here, so mine gets teased a lot.

Sounds like you had quite a chilly welcome to Alaska going over Turnagain Pass. Looks like I'll still be able to go skiing up there for a few more weeks! The weather up north, to both Deadhorse and Inuvik, could have similar conditions. Paul and I were hit with freezing sleet, blowing horizontally due to strong winds, for 30 miles into and out of Deadhorse and it was scary, with poor visibility, using one hand to wipe off our sunglasses due to frozen visors. I'm glad you survived the harrowing ride to Homer and hopefully you survived meeting another Alaskan character - AKCharlie.

P.S. You could see if anybody would loan you a heated vest for the ride to Deadhorse. I would loan you mine, but I'm going to be using it for my ride on the Dalton Highway, along with my heated gloves.


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