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Talking Chat Up Lines

Originally Posted by SlowernOlder View Post
"The bloke was not very friendly at all, he had decided that because I had a funny looking number plate, I must be a dodgy person. He demanded all my documents, "oh no" I thought, "this is me getting done for it" and so took diversionary action, launching into a long monolgoue about where my motorbike is from and all the countries I've been to on it. I talked non-stop until, in the end he got so bored of hearing me speak (or else just thought I was a nutter) and told me to go.He obligingly posed for a picture before I took off."

He was just looking for a date....

I guess he decided that the nutter from the other side of the pond wasn't worth it....
I think with his chat up line... " I need to see your registration, licence and insurance" he is not going to get far with anyone
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