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Originally Posted by sigpe57 View Post
Bob's bmw- $385 labor- Parts $220-$360. Total $740. Has anyone done the rebuild with good result and cheaper price?
I rebuilt my 77RS transmission for slightly less (although I spent more when including the tools purchased.) I needed a replacement intermediate shaft ($200 for used one from Re-Psycle BMW), around $400 (guessing a bit) for bearings, seals, gasket, shim kit, shift upgrade "kit" (included new pawl spring) from Re-Psycle, local bearing distributor, and Cycle Works.

About $40 for Cycle Works Transmission Re-Build video. About $35 for Chinese depth micrometer (worked surprisingly well). Borrowed tool from local BMW dealership for holding shafts/bearings for shim measurements (subsequently purchased my own from Cycle Works). Got some free advice from Re-Psycle BMW's transmission guy.

I had already purchased a Harbor Freight 12-ton press (way less than $100 on sale).

I took my time and made multiple measurements to determine the shim sizes needed. I used Olympic scoring - after about a dozen measurements for each bearing I threw out the high and low values and averaged the remaining measurement values.

The experienced guys at Re-Psycle indicated that a dancing spit bubble on the transmission would be the indicator that it was hot enough to disassemble / assemble (upon heating with one or more torches). I decided to use several Tempil-Stiks (175, 200, 225, and 250 degF) to help me determine when the proper heat was obtained. Now I have an infrared temperature measuring device (from HF for around $30) that works quite well - the red laser dot shows where the temperature is being taken.

Bike shifts easily, no odd noises, and transmission is pretty much free of metal "fuzz" and other bits after a few oil changes. I run a dollop of Dow Gear-Guard M (also called MolyKote) with Valvolene 80W-90 transmission oil. The Gear-Guard M seems to help the shifting be a bit smoother (although maybe the shift kit helps somewhat also - the shift kit was from Re-Psycle BMW).
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