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Originally Posted by FlyingPig View Post
Are there issues with cold starts on cold days? I've read issues (don't remember if it was AG or a competitor) where these batteries typically need to be "warmed up" since they don't work when well when it is cold.
This can be true depending on how cold... it also depends on the power of the battery. A higher cranking amp battery can power through the colder weather... So imagine a person has a KTM 450XC or any 450 electric start for that matter... If he puts a 4-cell in it going for the ultimate weight savings he will suffer the "cold start lag" in weather in the 50s degrees and below.. but if he has an 8-Cell in a 450 is going to flip it with really authority even in the 50s since is has 240 cranking amps (twice the power of the lead acid version and the 4-cell) and then they could go with the 12-cell small case which is no bigger than a YZ7-S lead acid battery yet has 360 Cranking amps and can power through most anything in a 450 motor. Though the cold-lag seems like an issue it really isn't that bad and actually is a safer bet than lead. Lead is front loaded so if you don't get it started in the first couple times in really cold weather its done and won't start it. Lithium will actually get strong and stronger after a couple start attempts and you can count on it starting for sure after a couple attempts max. Regardless the condition does exist for lithium, but its just part of this type of technology.

So if you go with the correct size battery for your conditions you can actually defeat the condition. But alot of people go for the ultra lightweight and smallest one to save a bunch of weight and that is not really what you want to do unless you race. It mostly about the Cranking Amps honestly more power and the thing will start in most any weather because it has overhead.

Hope that answered your question.

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