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First things first; after reading the replies I took my new replacement key out of the BMW packaging and went out to the bike to try it without going to the dealership: it started just fine. 2011 1200GSA. Probably should have done this right away.

If a key goes missing, the EWS, the control unit in charge of security, can be told to ignore that key through use of the dealer's computer
That may be what this person at the original dealership was talking about. In essence I was to bring in all my keys at once and then reprogram the computer to the keys I currently had. Then again I wasn't talking to the service dept person, I was going through a middle man, so the conversation may have been a little misleading on both parts.

You order the key from BMW with the proper documentation, wait for it to arrive and when it does, insert in the ignition, turn the bike on and start it.
That's also what another dealership told me in a different town.

For me the hard part is trying to decipher what is actually needed - and what a dealership -may- be doing just to get you back into the workshop for more time and money. It seems that I'm getting only part of the story from the original dealer - and that gives me some concerns - right now I can't outright blame the dealership. But it does raise a few warning flags. I'll just mark it down as experience for now.

Thanks to all
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