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I started riding at age 16, with a 1966 X-6 Hustler and progressed through 12 different bikes in the next 6 years. H-2 Kawasaki's, Rm Suzukis, DT Yamaha's.
Then I met the girl of my dreams, she didn't like riding, and I didn't think I needed it, so I gave bikes up. Fast forward 20 years, the girl of my dreams turned into the woman of my nightmares......ending in divorce. I promptly went bike shopping. Now at 42 years old, the friends that were still riding were riding cruisers. I test rode a few, but with the last street bike I ever owned being a two-stroke triple, kitted out in cafe racer equipment (mid-seventy's), the cruiser style bikes just didn't get my adreneline going like I had remembered, way back when. So I decided on a Sv650 as my reentering bike. I rode it 7000 miles in 6 months and have been hooked ever since. (7 years) I moved on to a Tl1000, but I knew I was going to really hurt myself on that one. Traded it in on a new 2002 VSTROM and have put 25,000 miles on it in 2 1/2 years. Just got back from a 3800 mile trip to Colorado from Indiana last month. I've come to a conclusion: At some point I will again be with out a wife or SO, but I will never be with out a bike again!!!
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