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Originally Posted by beechum1 View Post
I think you said... "witches night" as a feature to watch out for. What DID you say, and what is it?
See below.

Originally Posted by pfdskipper View Post
I believe you are referring to a witches eye.
Correct. I'm sure if you dug into the USGS literature on dunes and dune formation, you'd find a geologically correct term for it, but local slang in the ISDRA/Glamis area is "witch's eye." They are named such because when viewed from above, they look like an eyesocket/brow and in general, they are pretty evil features to deal with from any angle, at any speed and in most any dune-able vehicle.

Originally Posted by wilkinsonk View Post
I'm still running head on into these as I gain more experience in the dunes here and I've lost count of the number of really bad bruises across the tops of my thighs where I've struck the bars on my way over the front. Since the sand on the down slope into an eye is so soft I usually go from all ahead full to a dead stop in the blink of an eye. This always makes for a funny Go-Pro vid that I promptly delete!
Shame on you for deleting! Share, so we can critique(constructively) and use you as an example.
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