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Originally Posted by ignatz72 View Post
Powerlet actually makes a handlebar mounted socket that has a Ram mount hole for a GPS. Bonus is that it wires directly to the battery - no splice required.
Powerlet handlebar socket is intriguing. "switching" could be accomplished by unplugging the GPS from Socket. This option also also allows easier swapping to other powered items on/near handlebars (not that the electrical system on those era bikes could handle a lot of electrical add ons). Still could be the justification for upgrading the charging system with something like the Motorrad Omega 450.
Socket means no need re-wire if I change brands of GPS (just adapting it to the powerlet plug. Not piggybacking on existing fuse, I could run straight to battery and put a separate fuse in-line. Would need to find suitable location to mount the socket.
To get really fancy, could have relay switch on the socket based on taping off the park tap of the ignitions switch, so the socket is dedicated circuit but is only live when ignition on, or in park. But that could also just mean more parts to fail..

Good feedback, nice to think of options I hadn't originally considered.
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