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Originally Posted by ignatz72 View Post
The powerlet harness is fused already,
Powerlet 1/8" to 1" Bars (they also have one for 1-1/8" to 1-1/4" bars, not sure which the R100R has):

Pricey, yes; but worth it. Standard BMW accessory plugs fit Powerlet sockets, no adapter needed.
For now, the single powerlet looks like what I need, especially with in line fuse. I can add an eastern beaver 3 circuit fuse block later, but unless I upgrade the alternator, can't see needing that many sockets or power taps needed at the same time. I already have the bmw standard socket next to battery side panels.

I may just get the socket and adapt a handlebar mount, the R1001 has its plastic "dash" with the two blanks for switches covering prime front and center bar mounting area. Hmm, custom machine an adapter to fit the powerlet socket into one of those switch blanks. Will edit this post to include a before photo to make it clearer.
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