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I absolutely wish the OP the best and hope you heal well and will come back to us as a rider.

Having said that: I want to express some opinions that may not be popular.

#1 You must/should accept that when you ride a motorcycle you're much more vulnerable than someone in a cage, which means that your mistakes cost you a lot more in physical pain and money.

#2 While your conduct may not be in any way the cause of the still suffer the above; it's a consequence of your choosing to ride a motorcycle. (Not "fair", but I think we all learned that life is not necessarily fair, probably around age 10)

#3 A question: Please be honest; How many of you always slow, at least slightly at intersections and "scan" actively before proceeding? Come on, be honest!

I fear and think that a lot of us don't ride with the right mind set. Unfortunately, I think that a lot of us who commute on a nearly daily basis, tend to fall into the "cage driver mindset".....Oh, they'll see me, they'll obey the traffic laws, they'll not pull out in front of me, "or in the case of the OP, "of course this idiot won't U turn in front of me) etc. etc.

I don't want to be critical and have a lot of empathy for the OP. But, I would like to hear his answer to this: (Given your recent tragic experience, what would your thoughts be on what you might change about your street riding strategies?)

Again, I do not mean to be critical, rather helpful, if possible.

I ride in Phoenix, AZ of the most "lethal" cities to drive/ride in. Not one of the most accident prone cities, but one in which many of the accidents are "fatal". That's because the speeds are high, even on surface streets and that the freeways are, well, like the autobahn in the minds of many. Not to mention the "mindset" of a lot of distracted drivers who are on cells, texting and all the usual bullshit. Nearly got run over the other day by a woman who was on the phone and pulled out in front of me, in a parking lot, in spite of my Hi Viz summer jacket. How the hell can some people drive without being on the phone??? Totally pisses me off!

Again, I mean no criticism the OP, but would like to hear his thoughts on the above.

Absolute best Wishes to him!
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