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If Ged already wrote the prologue then what do you call the beginning...........the real beginning?

I had talked with the guys a little bit but this is really the first stages of planning and trying to find out if this motley crew could form a riding group and would they agree to the rulzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

this was my first e mail to surprised most of them joined

i am pretty disorganized and cant spell so deal with it

we are planning on having 2 of the group fly in to las vegas and do a fly and ride arriving on april 19
we plan on riding by 8;30 am april 20
we will park all the trucks at a friends dads house. address to be supplied at a later date

parts of this trip I did already back a couple of years but some parts new with some amazing views

we need to have our shit together from the start.....the last gas on day one will also be the gas and food stop for 2 days unless we can get a meal at Bar 10 (kevin is workin on it)

fuel range needs to be 200 miles each, group total....some have plenty and some need to carry a little sometimes... Kevin has mileages but i like to add a cushion incase we find a "scenic" i mean boonie bashin detours

flat tires suck and we all have them so do what you can to prevent and be prepared. flats can fuck up a tirp

make sure your shit will stay on the bike........if you are prepared never mind . if this is new try it at home.

this will have some really easy stuff and some that will have several of us working and some just enjoying but this is not a dirt road only trip we have some river bottoms and sand washes, some dunes, slick rock and some scenery that will make you crash

gps.,who has what (we can make the tracks work for each gps but we need to know the model) experience level. we will take paper maps also for the big picture

music: if you ride with it we want every body that does to make a 4 hour playlist. not bullshit music but stuff you like to ride with, and we will trade players in the morning and get our own back 4 hours later. I have thought about this for several years and want to try it.kind of lets you know your buddy a little bit better, if you dont use a player enjoy the sound of the bike

we will try and get a meal in a restaurant once a day at minimum but be ready to stay out all night with what you have at gas stops

i aint carrying the extra water for everybody again. I need 1 gallon a day for me. you carry what you need

i can boil water every morning for coffee and oatmeal and if you need water for dinner. if you want and need to cook more bring the shit and we can share.... a spoon ,bowl and cup work well

the plan is pretty flexible for speed............its up to us how far we go......we are making some side trips incase we get ahead.............i guess we can decide when we hit the trail the pace.

speaking of pace............ill dont mind hanging in camp until we have agreed to leave but when that time is here i am leaving... i am trying to say when i put my shit on im gone. dont say lets go until you are ready to go.............. if you want to hang out say so and we can relax

the group is my making.... fucked up as it may be

Kevin Roche.........started as a chance meeting, now a great partner, the brains behind these trips, he lets me kind of keep up and think im in charge but picks up my bike if i need it

Dan O oldest friend that rides. many miles together, shit we were fast back in the day, new adventures in retirement bud,

TravisThompson ( herc) married my daughter and became my son. kind of new to this ...we took a cross country trip but this is more my style boy. natural talen but little experience in the dez. fly and ride guy

Dave Henderson. not my son but kind of is. Dave has started ridding with Dan and I about 10 years ago but he dont have 10 years experience. oh yeah travis (herc) and dave are best friends since kids

Bobby Beck. East coast guy tryin to learn the dez. he can teach you how not to pack your shit. i think he has it figgured out now. this will be his third trip with me.oh yeah Kevin and Bobby good friends from back in the day. fly and ride guy

wild cards:

Travis Tinner........happiest fucker i have ever met,,,,,had the pleasure of meeting him at KTOW and have wanted to spend time with him since. VERY solid rider, he has his shit together but cant navigate with a gps for shit.

Ged Schwartz....only know him from the interthingie ( fuck you kevin your fault)rides a 690 too and has help figure it out. read a report of his where he broke his leg and partied and rode for another month in Mexico . must be a tough old goat........i needed a old guy like me Ged, the rest are kids

invited but needs to commit
Ziggy, crazy, fast, fun , blah blah blah thats ziggy blah blah blah lest go bitch quit wanting to go and go
lets get this fucker started i am so ready
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