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Originally Posted by Wirespokes View Post
Sorry, Lobo - I haven't messed around with the carbs on the G/S. It came that way, so that's the way it stayed. It was set up by a shop in SF (think it was named Darwin Motors) that converted it to a liter. They evidently did a good job.

When I've gotten that good mileage it was riding the freeway to southern Oregon to visit friends - 300 some miles. I'm generally a bit faster than the rest of the traffic, but keep a steady pace and try to stay in the range where I won't get tickets. I'm not much of an 'on-and-off' the throttle kinda guy. Also, I'm probably 165 or 170 pounds geared up, so that makes a bit of difference.

In the rough stuff and logging roads where I'm in lower gears all the time the mileage drops - sometimes in the high 30s.

SS - Wonder what sort of mileage yours would get at a smoother pace? I understand it's a badge of honor what lousy mileage you get.

You're obviously one terribly fast sumbitch! Ever think of taking it to the track?
My mileage isn't a badge of honor, I just mention it to point out that mileage varies a great deal on very well set up bikes. Way too much to be saying a bike "should" be getting this or that. My 42mpg was at a pretty smooth pace although I was jockying the throttle a bit to relieve the boredom.

I grew up on race tracks. My family was in a motorcycle club that had an awesome MX and TT track on the club grounds. We would rent a county fair grounds half mile and a banked car short track for races too. Then a few other tracks but I have never been on a road course. Some of my childhood friends raced mostly MX all over the country.
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