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We're set, Gentlemen. Here's the lineup...

Heli, Tom327Cat, Drunk Uncle, Simestd, and me. I'll sweep the floors, be a general stupidvisor, fill-in if something goes completely sideways, etc. Whatever needs to be done. Schedule is:

Drunk Uncle and Heli are on for the 8a-12p stretch and Tom357 and Simestd are up for the 12p-4p stretch. We'll coordinate the changeout so that it's smooth and everybody knows roughly where to go and what to do. If that's too hard to do via PM or email I'll meet the second shift at a pre-arranged point and we'll ride out together to where the change takes place.

Thanks again for volunteering. I had a good time last time and am betting this'll be more of the same.

I'll get w/ the race director and confirm a meeting point for us all. I'm pretty sure he'll contact all of you via email or ph in the next day or so but that might only be a comfort thing on his end... I don't actually know. If you don't hear from him directly I'll get the info you need myself for sure.

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Ok, Gentlemen. Here's what we have...

Heli, Tom357, Druncle; you're in. We could use one more rider if anybody's feeling like they're up for it. There will be a couple of 3 mile sections to roam with a Marshal on the back. They are roughly from the bridge over the highway at Ft Rich then approximately 3mi to the range. The second is roughly from there to the transition where the running portion of the race begins.

There will be two shifts of two riders.

The first shift is from 8a to 12p.

The second shift is from 12p to 4p.

The guys from the first shift should meet up in front of the Red Robin out toward Bartlett HS at roughly 7:30a to grab a Course Marshal and get instructions on where and how. They can then tell the second shift riders how it works at the noon change-out.
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