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Thanks for letting the kitties out of the bag

I like it that Bob told the guys that I was a tough guy who ignores broken bones and continues to ride for a month with shards of bone poking through my Tech 7's, only using the occasional snort from a flask to deal with the discomfort.....but the guys got a taste of me first-hand....oh....on second thought, change that to "they got a sense of me".....

One of the pre-ride banter questions was wondering who would have the gayest I made sure my shoes were fairly one laughed at my Patagonia hikers cuz I made sure they had red Moab dirt all over them .

Now I want to make it clear.....I have no problem with folks who are gay or lesbians....just to not have anyone be offended. In fact, the guys all agreed that we were lesbians....

But these guys brought chairs, fer chrissakes . In Canada, we don't mind bringing chairs when we camp from trucks....but when riding in the bush (yes you guys from the States, we call forests/wooded areas "the bush" ), Canadian adventure riders simply stare down a grizzly into submission and use them as a couch.

Just so y'all know.

Day One: (additional notes)

It has been pointed out that Dan had the first equipment malfunction when his side stand broke when his packed bike was just leaning there in the morning sun.....not only did the side-stand break on his 450 KTM (I think it was a 450), it took with it the lower rubber chain guide underneath the countershaft (not good) and his chain was tighter than a Republican's sense of generousity. KTM's don't have linkage in their suspension, and require more chain-slack than bikes with dog-bone linkage....too tight a chain and the rear wheel bearings will wear far too quickly....spewing bearings on the road like a crackhead's teeth falling out. I don't think Dan believed me....and his wheel survived at trip.

Dan insisted, "It's a new will stretch....".

Who was I, the outsider "Canadian" to offer tech advice to a seasoned desert rider.

Bobby (a fly and ride guy) was riding a 650 XR that was a Nevada special prepped by Kevin.....his malfunction was ahead of him everytime he shattered his shin trying to kick some life into that red farm implement...

The bikes:

BobZ, Kevin, Ged: 690 KTM
Travis son-in-law: 640 KTM
Dan: 450 KTM
David: 400 XR (camouflaged with white tank)
Bobby: 650 XR
Travis Tiner: 950 KTM...or was it a 990??? (doesn't matter, because he rode it like a 300 2-stroke)


We were a rolling Giant Loop ad.....everybody used a Coyote bag and various dry-bag systems:

Even the Alien that dropped in from the Mothership had one....

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