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Sorry to learn of your accident. I hope you are on the mend and will ride again soon. Apart from being rear ended at a stop; the left/U turning cagers are what injures/kills most of us. That and effing Deer.

Back in '08 Sport Rider columnist and Author (Sportbike Suspension Tuning) Andrew Trevitt was paralyzed when a teenaged driver pulled a U turn on the Angeles Crest. Zero time to react and he was a much better rider than I will ever be. Glad to know that your injuries though severe, are hopefully not life changing.

I always keep in mind that people driving cars are homicidal maniacs out to kill me. Luckily I have been disappointed in my estimation of their mindset but that doesn't mean I trust them to do the sane/thoughtful action.

Get well soon and get back on two wheels.
Anger makes you stupid and stupid gets you killed.
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