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Originally Posted by Bartron View Post
KM765EU11B0231FIMap.hex and EPT map - This is the 'Akro' map for the 2011 models with the updated throttle bodies. The EPT map is same as the previous 'Akra' maps. The FI map is different which makes sense given the new throttle bodies.
REVIEW: We have just loaded this onto Getafix's bike and plan to make the changes as above and will report how it goes. This map is not widely available and I was unable to attach it as a zip file for everyone but will email it to TuneECU.
Hi Bartron,

Just wondered if you guys ever did load this map with the changes outlined in your post ? If so, how did it go ? I have 2011 Enduro R with Akra pipe, but bike stalls at least once a day, especially in slower traffic.
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