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Originally Posted by roc104 View Post
With “Bare Grilz” (Steve), our resident Fallabama, NV naval aviator, on an all expense paid tour of sunny and scenic Afghanistan, the vaunted position of "least manly" member of the group is again wide open for this trip. Bobzilla clearly sense this as the opportunity he has been waiting for, knowing he can’t compete with Bare in a head to head match (no pun intended), he capitalizes on him missing the trip…Bobzilla springs into the lead at the end of day one, over the heavy odds favorite Dave, by showing disdain to the local talent and their desperate yoga demonstration. Instead, focusing on the young cowboy with ruby red lips, milky white skin and baby blue eyes…his name was Russell.

But don’t worry, Dave was the heavy favorite for a reason, and he would not relinquish this title without a fight. The day goes to Bobzilla, but the competition is far from over.
You suck.

The only thing worse than reading about the awesome trip your bike made without you, is being surrounded by stuff like this while without a bike:

...or, maybe reading about hot chicks doing yoga, but no pics - thanks to you lazy bastards.
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