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Originally Posted by zekedog View Post
Thanks all for responding so quickly. Very cool. To all realize please that I am no motorcycle mechanic.

Airhead, howdy. Hope all is well south of the border. The bike actually does run pretty well but for the backfire with any throttle let-up. I do come off the bike smelling of exhaust though. Not as bad as with the Supercrapp. My mileage is around 30mpg. I don't have too unrealistic dreams but 35-40 seems realistic doesn't it?
35-40 should be doable in Washington,

The cool thing is as CV carbs go, Bings are about the easiest to work on.
And if you feel so inclined there's even a Bing manual you can get from the US importer of Bing bits (I buy my carb parts from BMW dealers it's cheaper then via Bing USA, but the book is decent)

You need to base line, which means a clean air filter, new plugs, clean fuel system from the tank vent to the hose going into float bowl.

Make sure the bike's timing and valves are in functional order.

If all that stuff is good then go about cleaning and resetting the carbs.
Carbs are easy to work on. do one at a time and go slowly and you should get it to work.
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