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i don't even remove the fork tubes from the bike. you can drain the oil, remove the wheel and fork brace and then unbolt the lowers from the tubes. unclip the fork boots and slide the lowers off.

i think it takes a 5-6 difficulty and makes it a 3-4 as you take much less off the bike.

the seals come out very easy with a seal puller. the retaining clips can be difficult but not a big deal if you have a strong pick or small tipped screwdriver to get behind them and pull the end out enough to grip it with something.

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a simple job, loosen the top caps ( don't remove till fork are off), remove caliper,remove axle and wheel, loosen large allen bolt at bottom of forks, loosen triple clamps, remove fork brace, remove forks, then gaitors, remove cap, drain plug and bottom allen bolt, with draw slider from tube, then remove seal retaining ring along with washer, then pop the seal out. Clean and inspect tubes and sliders, assembly is in reverse.
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