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Aarrffin' around Appalachia

I have been thinking about getting this thread started for sometime. I do a lot of this day trippin' stuff around Worstern North Carolina and surrounding states. About Thursday of next week, some friends are flying in here and I am going to show them a fun way to get from Asheville NC to Hunting, WVA. I wanted to get this thing set up so maybe I can find time to post up at night as we go. Their bikes are already down here and I will find a route back home after a couple days.

A little about me: I guess you already figgered that I am a hillbilly and you figgered right. This is me on Wayah Bald Tower. It had rained hard the night before and this was early enough in the morning that the fog was still rising in the valleys. Fog is another nuisance and good reason to avoid this area. Also, this rock tower was recently restored by the govermint and they removed each stone, mapped its location, and put it back exactly as before. The mortar was failing. You can see a number of states from here and a neat map at the various view points on the tower gives you the name of mountain ranges that you are looking toward.

I was born in a town very near the border of the Smokie Park, lived other places at times but back here now and semi-retarded soz I have more time to ride. I started out on little trail bikes as a kid over 50 years ago. My Dad has always been an avid motorcyclist but he gave it up when he turned 85 and now at 92 he just spends his time stretching fences and keepin' little widows in the area supplied with farwood. There were a lot of colorful characters in my life growing up, true hillbillys and such and I love to get out and explore now and find those type people. Nothing pleases me more than to find an old store, sit on the porch, swap a few lies, eat a moonpie, and pet a hound. So you'll find in my text a lot of little "Aarrffisms" that remain in my mind from those experiences.

Today, I am going to throw up a few pics from previous stuff and then you can decide if'n you want to come back from time to time and see what I been up to. My main reason for doing this thing, is for all you folks out there who might be thinking about coming into this area. I want to save you the trouble by posting up all this stuff over the next few months and that way you will know whats here and won't feel the need to come lookin' It is some of the worst ridin' that one can imagine. Everywhere around here, there ain't nothin' but these blind curves, water fallin' all around, a total Green Hell in the summer,and I think in some places we must have two rocks fer ever dirt! So I guess this is sorta my official invitation for you to not come here.

My Sweetie got me a GoPro Cam so I been trying to learn how to use it. Here is some ugly stuff so far:

Here is my Sweetie and we do some 2-up stuff and she even likes to go on semi-technical dirt that most would not attempt on the big bike let alone 2-up. In fact, this is the top of Horseshoe Rock and we came up the steep side, between Highway 281 south of Cullowhee and Charley's Creek then went on through..

If'n I dont get out on a long ride, then I end up having to ride some crappie old dirt around here like this stuff:

Ride bud wearing his Great Pumpkin outfit

And then here is a sampling of the kind of stuff that we have here if'n yor into the more paved kind of ridin':

Near Canton

Back side of the Straightaway Cafe on Highway 9

Inside actually a good place to eat

So many curves the even the darn state doesn't know if we are a comin' er goin'

And just some general awful stuff and its hard to get through this;
Cattaloochee Divide

Charley's Creek

Hooker's Gap...wonder how they got that name?


Lake Logan on 215

on Mountain Grove near Franklin

Across from previous barn...check out that old stone work!

One of our post offices...hope they don't close it!

A true hillbilly was born here

Check him out...a fine licker maker!

I went up to Worst Virginnie not too long ago:

And had to ride through some real sucky places to get there on highway 16

Well, this is about all I have time for today but I'll be puttin up more later and check in late next week if'n interested in the upcomin run up to Huntington and southern Ohio. and if'n you get over here by mistake or something we do have some good deals on high test gas....Super cheaper than out fer the poison ivey on th' pump handles though...

Maybe I'll take a run up to Burnsville later today after I plant some taters...they say ther ain't much happenin' up there...see ya later
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