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Originally Posted by Ride-til-sore! View Post
I am trying to have more lights on for safety on my DR. My old XT225 had the front turn signal lights on all the time along with the head light. How would i go about making that happen on my DR? Would I have to put on new turn signal light sockets?
I don't have a quick easy answer but I know this is possible ... on any bike.
And I agree ... it's a good idea for safety. However, realize your DR has limited elec. output, so maybe put a switch inline while you're at it to cut off the "Always On" turn signal lights when needed. (daytime riding?)

I'm guessing you'll need different sockets to allow twin element bulbs. There are probably other, more elegant ways to do this though using LED bulbs or whatever or a kit?

I'm thinking you can source power from the tail light circuit to power the "always on" element on your dual element turn signal bulb. The other element can use existing turn signal power.

I believe there may also may be a "Kit" that does all this for you, a more "Plug & Play" set up. I know I've seen it ... can't recall where or when.
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