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Before I do something I regret...

Trying to gain a fuller appreciation for my machine and how it works, I popped off a valve cover to try and see what that adjustment looks like. Following my clymers, I found tdc on the compression stroke and took measurements: 0.01 intake and 0.02 exhaust. Perfect as expected- this machine was resurrected only but a year ago, more accurately, less than 1k miles ago.
Upon further inspection, where the measurements were right, the OT mark on the flywheel was about 1.5 cm north of the middle of the window. "hmmm, ok, advance the flywheel so OT is dead center and remeasure" in this position, there is no free space at all, everything is pressed tight.
What are the indications?
Should the adjustments be redone with OT centered or is it within a tolerance?
Does this tell me the timings off?
Am I crazy? Am I making any sense?
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