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Originally Posted by Monsignore View Post
This is something I'm definitely interested in. I've been noticing that my riding skills have been fading out like the center tread on my rear tire. And I've been trying to find reasons to ride other than a trip to Harbor Freight 20 miles away. These skills would certainly help with my commute through NYC.

These vids would also be good to show in basic rider courses as a "Look what's possible" and to illustrate techniques like "where you look is where you go" and head/body position.

It'd also be fun to throw around my GS and amaze my friends.
It was an eye opener for me after 30 odd years of riding to watch a guy scraping the pegs on his 1400cc kwaka at walking pace.
I feel a lot more involved riding the bike now that I practice these techniques. I'm consciously putting them into practice all the time, rather than the years I have been quite happily riding habitually.
It is very cool pulling out of parking spot & doing a full lock leaned over u-turn while my mates are paddling their bikes around. Most of them were invited to do the training but felt they had nothing to learn..... Suckers!
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