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We ARE out of order....but I will try and herd our kitties back to getting additional comments to close up DAY ONE over the weekend before I dive into DAY TWO.

I am riding for two days this weekend creating some tracks for a local 3-day ride I am putting together for July 21-23....and this route will be the core for what you guys will ride WHEN you come up next summer

I will say at this time that Bar 10 was an oasis after a dusty and hot day riding through desert plains, rocky cliff trails, some faster gravel from time-to-time, and that delicious track to and out of the Sherwood Forest gully shortcut. The group was settling into a groove of sorts and no one was hurt or got lost.

I am happy to have surprised Kevin that I managed to get up that slippery sideslope, but his starter push helped that happen....I actually felt more confident in that stuff than on the faster roads covered with marbles.....or was that just me?

Kevin, inspired by the Yoga Girls, just had to start his acrobatic warm-up...

It was encouraging to see him get it up after leading us out of temptation that day

The sorting of minor details (kickstand hemorrhages, leaking gas tanks, tight chains, quad invasions) helped us develop our first group rendezvous less than an hour east of Mesquite....

The "warm-up" ride to the cliff wall gave folks a chance to let their Coyote Bags settle in for adjustment, allowed Dan to wonder where his brake pedal was, and folks to catch their breath, have a sip of water, gobble a Power Bar...

...and throw out gender challenges (All that homophobic stuff seems standard for a bunch of testosterone-addled know, that shoulder-punching "I love you" stuff that guys do instead of feeling comfortable with that oblique handshake-hug thing....or even a real one...)......

But I have to say....I was more interested in checking out the camel features of the Yoga Girls.....more than even noticing Russell

Bobby along the cliff trail.....was this before or after he did some metallurgical testing on that ledge bit???

Our campsite that night was a mile or two south of the ranch's airstrip...."just over that lava flow". Toroweap was off in the distance....too bad we missed your cave, Bob

...and past a cabin. I believe some of you guys stopped at the cabin for a bit before the final choice of campsite....too many cows and their droppings in that little area with the cabin for my liking. Didn't one of you check out the outhouse or something????

Our first camping night seemed to be successful....we had a fire, various libations, and good stories.

Someone , however, needs to tell the history of "The Chair Story"...

The next morning there appeared to be evidence that SOME cowboy had a rough ride ////

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