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The chair story is just another example of Bobzilla, a closet perfectionist, eventually finding a deficiency with every man made device since toilet paper…Every trip I have taken with him is a test of the newest, greatest chair that he has found. With all the enthusiasm of a first time self-help book reader, he inevitably touts his newest chair as the solution to ultra light off road camping comfort…He then tells you the problems with your selection, and truly believes that the deficiency of his previous chair is a thing of the past.

If you can say anything about this man, it is that he is a very creative guy. So he does not just go with the most expensive, proven chair from day one like Tiner…NO, he has to suffer through countless iterations with ball busting stools, two legged balancing apparatus’, three legged-two legged chairs, kids chairs with arm rests, and myriad others that I have blocked from my brain because the pain is too great.

The most tremendous collapse of this process occurred on the first night of our TAT trip 2 or 3 years ago. After a long and hot 200 mile day we found our campsite. A pristine mountain pass covered with junipers and sagebrush, with scenic views and a nice “flat” spot for the tents. With knees sore from 20 years of desert racing, Bob triumphantly unpacks his chair to remove his gear. Within seconds Bob snaps his chair and is on his ass, spewing foulness and vulgarities I knew not existed.

John (our 68 year old riding partner and my personal hero) reminds Bob, without so much as a hint of irony, that REI accepts the return of broken merchandise. Of course, he fails to mention to Bob that he will have to carry this broken chair, a personal token of shame, another 2000 miles. This friendly advice, as expected, sends Bob off the deep end and the chair half way down the mountain.

For the rest of the trip my first task at camp is to find a suitable place for Bob to sit. Again, ulterior motives.

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