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Originally Posted by Starkey View Post
But God does it have soul.
Oh, to have a time machine.
Go back to the mid 70's and show them that line.

This is mine. Suspect it is 1973 but may be '74. It is at Oran Park, south of Sydney. My elder brother riding, as it was his to flog to death back then.

I bought it from him in '76. Broken. I fixed it and broke it and fixed it and broke it and then finally fixed it.

Photo from several years ago.

Since then I've done bits and pieces - now has the correct drum brake fork sliders and hence, the correct front mudguard.

About 2 weeks ago I go a replica seat foam, from the US, and a relica seat cover, from Sth Oz. So now the seat looks correct.
I broke the front brake cable during a track day (you may have seen/heard the videos?) at Easter. Front brake cables are no longer available - actually I can get a replcia from the UK, but they are stupidly expensive, so I'm having two new ones made from two old ones.

The major drama I've had in the past couple of years was electrical. Now that that is sorted, it goes and goes and, well, just goes. It's not an everyday bike.

Then there is this.

It's now in pieces. I plan to get the frame, swingarm and steering stem blasted & two packed next week.

Just bought a pair of new rear shocks, so I can actually do something with the parts when it comes back. S'pose I was sort of making a commitment to doing the work.

I'm not planning a restoration. I have always wanted a cafe racer and now want to do some historic class racing. This one may never make it to the road again.

Taking lots of photos as I go. I want a rolling chassis before I start the engine work.

In my mind's eye I see wire wheels, chambers, rear sets, ace 'bars (too old for clip-ons), white & red colours.
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