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Have you spoken with the PA DMV about this? When I got my bonded certificate of title here, the IA DMV said they would not accept this or the title services... So before you go through too much hassle, you may give them a ring.
I actually attempted to yesterday, mainly to see if there was actually some avenue I could go through with PA to get a title, however it was late in the day by that point and I was talking to the wrong people as it turns out. From what I had gleaned through my research on the interwebs, the VT thing seemed to be the path of least resistance, and, if worst came to worst, that would at least get me a plate on the thing. I guess I will give the Vermont DMV a call on Monday and see what they have to say. I figure there are a couple of possibilities here:

1) See if they would accept a letter from a PA inspection station
2) Accept a letter from a Honda dealer stating that the bike was indeed manufactured for road use
3) Convince them to google it and see for themselves what the CL is.
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