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Hey mister!!

Sam and I picked up two last week! Mines been running like a dream... Only thing thats a bugger is the tremendously super hot exhaust which after brushing against after a ride nearly turned my bum into a rump steak! We're doing a rtw trip on them so will be changing this and various other bits!

Sams bike on the other hand... First ride out (heading to our charity event to promote our rtw on bikesfunnily enough) we filled up with petrol and when pulling off gently the bubba back fired and there was a stupid loud pop... Or so we thought. He tried again... Sam thing happened... And again. We pulled the bike up and upon a close inspection discovered the throttle body had detatched itself from the engine.

We could have fixed it but out of principle with it being 24hrs old we asked the dealer to pick it up.

When the bike returned they said they had tightened it back on but the rubber was cosmetically damaged at the join so they had ordered a new one and it was sound to ride. 2nd ride out and 100miles later of steady riding and it was fine. The next day we noticed there was some coolant coming out of the overflow, thought nothing of it and took it out again.

30mins later... *pop* ... The throttle body had come off again. In the middle of Wales we fixed it the best we could at the side of the road but in doing so noticed it was spewing out coolant from the cap and over flow and the oil too was steadily leaking everywhere.

Needless to say we've sent it back to be looked at by the garage. A chap we met at the charity biking event last weekend had the same problem with the throttle body and it also randomly cutting out so we're wondering if this is a potential manufacturing fault!

Currently Sam has been left with a courtesy bike of a Suzuki v-stromb of which he is mega sad about poor boy!

Will update when I know more! Hope no one else has our problems!
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