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Mystery bike! ID and info needed.

Last fall I was talking bikes with a friend and mentioned that I'd eventually like to have a 2 stroke street bike. He said he had one in his garage but that it hadn't run since 1985 and that it was mine if I wanted it.

This is what he dropped off yesterday. About all I know is that it's a 500cc Suzuki. He thought it was a '67 model but I'm pretty sure it's a bit newer than that. Overall condition is pretty poor. There are cracks on both sides of the headlight mounts and the wiring harness is pretty much shot.

It's fairly complete but the airbox, front fender and title are still AWOL. The odometer shows 18,200 miles. Not shown is a box of small parts, blinkers, badges, seat, etc.

I'd like to know

1. What is it?
2. What's it worth?
3. What I should do with it?

I have a bad feeling I'm looking at a parts bike and not a resto candidate.

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