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The Bender Creek Experience

This ride is short on any historical value, but it was fun riding...well, for most of us!

The Bender Creek Experience - Part I

"this is a ride not a race, so it's suppose to be fun" Ron

Here is my first installment of the ride a bunch of us from all over the United States took 5/8/2012 in the Danskin OHV recreation area east of Boise, ID. And by "all over the United States" I mean Stubby traveled all the way from Union, Oregon to go on this ride. I hope you enjoyed it Stubby. It was also enjoyable for us to see Larry, first time riding trails come along. Larry would have to deal with a few minor falls and an ailing XT, but he made it without going over the edge! Way to go Larry.

Now before I begin our ride, I want to flash back to November 2010 when I rode some of these same trails. It wasn't as friendly as it was today due to some snow covering the trail in spots. Snow was not my friend this day!

Resized to 82% (was 1024 x 768) - Click image to enlarge

Anyway, here's the crew L-R. A-1 Dan -TW; Dan' brother Larry - XT250; Ron -TW; Stubby -TW; my son Kyle -KX250; and Georgie. Yep, she got to go on this trip

Oh, and me -TW. In my admiralty uniform

Here's Kyle on the "Green Machine mosquito sprayer at humor corner. You'll know what I mean when you watch the video. Ron's a hoot!

Another break on the trail

Here's Part I video. Enjoy! Oh, and the video presented here is from both Ron and myself.

Part II - The Bender Creek Experience - Willow Creek:

Admiral - "I pulled that tree off the trail"

Ron - "the bunny huggers probably came back up here and drug it back on the trail"

In this segment, we have a discussion during a break about the trail clearing crew we saw. We then crossed Willow Creek, stopped at a pass to take a break and then start our descent into Fiddler Flat. Larry played catch up with Stubby and "rested" his XT a couple of times before we reached the pass. Dispite this, he (we) pressed on. Too late to turn back now!

Here's Kyle speeding through Willow Creek on the Green Machine

The crew at the pass

View from the pass

Ron before we depart the pass- "Some of the panorama's are really one eye for the trail"

Part II video

Final Chapter - The Bender Creek Experience (Fiddler Flat...and beyond)

Admiral - "if I fall here, that'll leave a mark"

Kyle - "I just took out that sagebrush"

Admiral - "ha ha ha ha ha", he fell

Well, we finally make it to Fiddler Flat. We have an awesome cliff top view of the South Fork Boise River and the surrounding canyon rim. As we head out, we take a short break at an old steam boiler which was apparently used at a long gone sawmill in the area. Kinda cool. Not long after we depart Fiddler Flat, both Ron's and my photo/video recovery devices batteries run out. At this point, because Larry's XT is running poorly, Ron leads Larry and Dan back to the trailhead via some local roads. Longer, but easier, especially if Larry's XT decides to quit running. The safe route! Stubby, Kyle and myself head back to the trailhead via the Danskin trails. Still a long haul, but fun none-the-less. In the end, Stubby, Kyle and myself get back only minutes before Ron, Larry and Dan. Everyone one is safe, and I think I can speak for the whole crew, we had a great day of adventure trail riding!!!

Couple views of Fiddler Flat before we get there

Ron retrieves Larry's helmet which rolled ALL the way down the trail

Kyle at the cliff edge...yikes

South Fork Boise River

And for you Dan. Proof the cache is near the boiler (Photo courtesy of

Remember . . . save one eye for the trail.

Till the next ride
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