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Originally Posted by xdbx View Post
Why the MAP torch vs a heat gun?
I believe it's all personal preference for the installer. My brother said he likes MAP for its instant, directed heat. He's been using it so long, he knows exactly how to control it.

Originally Posted by BaronVonDarrin View Post
Is this something I could have done at a graphics shop?
Yes... by a qualified, 3M-certified installer. But be warned: all 3M-certified installers are not equal in their overall experience and skill level. Obviously, the more wraps and more diverse kinds of wraps (many different vehicles, vehicle types, wrap material, etc.) the installer has done, the better he/she should be. But, my brother told me he's re-wrapped projects done by 3M-certified wrappers that made him scratch his head and mutter, "WTF???"

Originally Posted by Alleycatdad View Post

This pic makes me want to puke. I can't even get race numbers on right, and that's a LOT of vinyl. Your fella is one talented guy!

Looks great. I'm skeptical about the longevity on the tank, but it sure looks good so far!

I'll pass on your compliments to my brother

Your skepticism is understandable and evidence of a healthy mind

Hopefully, you'll understand my skepticism about all the various talk on this forum about it NOT being able to stay put long-term. I never thought it was fuel that was out-gassing through the plastic (my professional experience with plastics for a big manufacturer back in the 80s made me doubtful) and the 3M chemist my brother spoke with corroborated that doubt. If ANY out-gassing is happening, it's more than likely coming from the component parts of the plastic itself.

The consensus seems to be it all comes down to proper prep, proper selection of the material, and proper installation. But, as I've said before, I might be eating a lot of crow and taking my fair share of shit if this vinyl doesn't stay put. Time will make the case. Let's see what happens over this riding season.

Originally Posted by syzygy9 View Post
Knowing absolutely nothing about vinyl wrap (but about to get a pair of safari tanks fitted) I was wondering why you didn't take the tanks off to wrap them?
He did his "test wrap" of the right side tank while it was brand-new and off the tank. He didn't like the lack of leverage and preferred to do the "real wrap" with the tanks on the bike. There's a lot of re-lifting, pulling, and stretching that goes on and it's nice to have the surface you're wrapping NOT wanna move around with the vinyl
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