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The pump can be "hot wired" (by-passing the controller) if the controller is really your problem, and like GB said, that's a good thing to try if you have not done so....

A "generic" replacement pump had been the subject of much speculation, but AFAIK no one has posted any P/N of pumps that work & fit. The pump is rated at 3.5 bar with 60 l/hr minimum.

Here is an append from one of our resident experts (Joel Wisman) on the topic:

I had a bosch part# that would drop right in size wise. As to the spec above, that is a minimum pass or fail powered through the controller which is always going to be a volt or more lower then 14.2 where these things are spec'd by bosch. The pump I had the # of was same dimensions, terminal configuration, and outlet diameter but 100 l/h

In any case, the part number was in my then desk which is mine no more.

Any pump that you can some how strap onto the bracket so that it hangs near the bottom of the tank and is in the 80-160 lph range should work just fine.

I sold my F8, but if I still had it and it was out of warranty or going somewhere far from civilization, I'd pick a pump from Denso, or Marelli. Bosch pumps aren't doing well with ethanol in any application I am aware of.

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