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Looking down the trail...

I only have a bit further to get through this nasty section.

And I emerge at a split of two trails.

I follow the trail a little ways more til I junction with a small 2-track forest road.

I opt to jump on the road to make some time and get heading East, although I can't help the occasional diversion into the woods as the trail zig-zags across the forest road I am on.

I love it out here!! I stopped a lot on this trip to snap photos (as you will see), and it was wonderful. Lots of time to take it in, and lots of time to think.

*Lame introspection eminent: It's moments like this that I work all week for. This is what I am, this is what I enjoy - Being outside. Exploring. Traveling.

A little more on the TOTO (Trail of the Ouachitas)... It's a dumb acronym, I know . I envision this route taking 3 days to complete if ridden in it's entirety. Light weight, self sufficient camping off the bikes would probably be the best way to tackle it, and I would look to do it in the Fall (before hunting season) or a mild spell during the late winter (after hunting season) - I don't really like to camp in the forest during the late Spring or Summer. It's too hot, and everything is alive - including ticks, snakes, chiggers, etc... . Anywho... the route will include a sampling of both Motorcycle Trails in Oklahoma, as well as all three OHV trail systems in Arkansas. Today I am just jumping around and trying to get to the areas that I haven't ridden/explored much. I am not riding the full route.

Back to the ride...

I start heading East, and check out some roads.

I have to back track out after a couple of failed attempts at connecting roads

One gate, and one road that lead up to a cabin and a trailer that seemed currently occupied by the actively enlisted clothes line. It always sorta makes me nervous when the road I am on ends in someones front yard. Especially when I am solo, and especially when the properties are obviously currently occupied. Keep in mind that I never go down a road that is marked "Private Property", so theses are "public" roads, I am just a pussy .

On to another road that I have tried to connect a few times, but due to the water-level at the creek crossing at those times, I always bailed on it.

But today the water was way down.

And the crossing was pretty straight forward with just a small ledge to climb up and over on the other side.

Crossing conquered and noted. Time for a self portrait:

And keep on East/Northeast on some nice forest roads I have ridden a ton of times.

more in a bit...

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