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I have 750 miles after yesterday's dual sport ride in the Berkshires. I can say it still runs well. The motor is getting smoother too. It was very vibey at first. Now the only vibey area is 65-69mph or so. Very smooth low 70's to 80 (6k rpm break-in limit). Also I turned the ECU map to #1 and that helped the snatchiness around town. Suspension is getting more supple too. I think the D/S ride helped a lot. She goes in for first service this week.

I broke down and ordered a sheepskin buttpad from BARB. I didn't think I'd need one, but after 2.5 hours getting to the D/S ride and 2.5 hours after...

Regarding my accessories, the flip off tailbag is GREAT! Quick release for fueling. I hope it never falls off, though. Only one pin holds it on from the front.

The touring screen isn't quite tall enough for me. I may switch to a Cee-Bailey Yamaha WR250R screen. I will have them not drill it so I can use the holes I have. We'll see after a few more rides.

The large tank bag is a practical large volume solution. It fits the bike well and doesn't get in the way when standing the pegs. I hope to only use the tank and tail bags in conjunction with my Wofman Expedition panniers.

I am thinking about going to a Arai Signet road helmet. I want something quieter and more aerodynamic.

Have not mounted my Scotts, Kouba Link, or Wolfman luggage system yet.

Nice motorcycle.

Oh, and PS: I did one face plant in the mud. I picked her up myself without an issue and it was bars downslope too... Couldn't do that on my twin without help! That was the number one reason for buying the 690.
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