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The report

I decided to take an extra 2 days and head out Pauchug and ride, I've been wanting to do it and figured I could use the conditioning. Got a hotel room nearby and was able to ride to and from the trails, Sweet!!!!!!

Woke up Sunday morning and took the 25 minute drive to the race. Met up with Crankshaft and GBG, got the bike ready and lined up with them. The minute flips and I think I actualy got my bike fired and beat one of them to the first turn...Then I got passed and stayed that way for the rest of the day. The track went into some real tight track through pine trees with tight turns then into a grass field with more tight turns. Then some log crossings, they're not that big, nothing I hadn't done before and you can go around most of them.As I round a pile of stumps I come across the tire obstacle WTF is that doing there I've only seen these on you tube. Up and over not so bad At that point I was still on Crankshafts ass and feeling pretty good about myself. We enter the river of rocks with the guys still in view..

Like an idiot Im looking down watching what rocks not to hit and did not notice someone had taken out the yellow tape showing where to turn out of the river I am now 20 feet past the turn and nothing but steep banks. I have to turn the bike around and head back. Now my angle is wrong to get up the embankment and over I go. The next minute is coming and I'm trying to get the bike up and back on the trail. The whole time some little kid is screaming "hey dad we got one down over here, hey dad this guys stuck, hey dad the bikes on top of him, hey dad he slipped again , hey dad he causing a pile up" I swear if I could of grabbed him I would have drowned the little bastard. Needing to get away from him I leaned the bike up against the bank and then just flipped it over onto the trail...facing the wrong way of course Scramble up the bank and get it turned around.. Im back in the race, but exhausted.

Typical New England course lots of rocks, Ive gotten used to dry rocks and hills, but the large round ones that live in the black water is still a skill I have not mastered. I paddle my way over them and it really tires me out.Eventually we hit a really long section of smooth but with narrow trails and tight turns. I went to pull over for one guy who was on my butt but he said no keep going, I guess he was tired too, hearing him on my ass but not feeling I needed to get out of his way got me to push myself and I was really happy with the way I was riding in that section. I came out tired but that was all just tired not, exhausted. That is a big improvement for me and my favorite part of the race.

We know entered the desert, A giant sand area with a dune that was about 200' feet up at a steep angle, and about 500' straight down the other side, I may be exaggerating a little bit but it was fucking big. I actually stopped at the top and looked over at 2 other riders who had stopped and said are they fucking kidding me. Then I nailed it and went over the precipice,and lived. Other than the sand at southwick MX sand is new to me but I did what I had been told, ass back and pin it! Its an uneasy feeling bike in 3rd gear screaming and both ends wandering all over the place.I went as fast felt I wanted to crash at but never went down. as I near the end of the sand the bike is idling super high somethings wrong as I exit onto a trail the bike dies! Oh crap did I suck in sand? is it blown up? Wait hi idle then dies..Gas you moron. Look over yeah its low, which way is reserve again??? Figure it out give it a kick and she fires right up

But will I make it back to the gas stop...

Yes, made it pull up to the truck hop off the bike hoping to take a quick break hydrate maybe grab a snack and fuel up.. No such luck, Crankshaft pulls up hey our minutes coming up we gotta go. Bastard he looks fresh and I swear I could see the crumbs from the sandwich he ate on his jersey. Gas and go I meet him at the road and we head off to the next check. Lots of round rocks and black water, at some point a branch I thought I could go through was a lot stronger than I thought It took me right off the bike and onto my ass.Of course I had a death grip on the bike and basically flipped it right over onto myself. Get back up and take a small breather and finish the section. As I pull up to the check,(last one) Im trying to find my minute and spot Crankshaft and GBG at the check as I pull up the minute flips and they go im 10 seconds behind cursing I didn't get no break, again. Its a fairly smooth section and im not that far behind as I can spot them when the track loops back and runs next to the part I'm on. The we enter round rocks and black water again, crap! I paddle through and then its back into the river I go in and promptly drop it. I pin myself between the bike and bank I cant get the leverage I need.I gotta do a dead lift using only my back, which lets me know its not happy. As I give out my USMC death scream and dead lift the bike I hear some lady say "Oh my god is he OK" "what was that" Laughing I get going and make it out of the river. Back onto the smooth terrain and tight twisties I smile. There is a guy behind me and not only is he not passing me I can hear him getting further and further back. I smile as hard as I can and pin that lil girl and come in fast hard... Race over

The aftermath:

It looks like I took 11th out of 22 in my class. Only one other person who finished had a higher score then me and he was running C Supersenior. A lot of people did not finish so I am very happy with my finish. In only 3 races I have gone from houring out and throwing my helmet off and gasping for breath to being pretty beat up but not wishing I was dead. I have to credit Tony at Racers edge performance for the suspension work and this book

for getting it set up right. The bike has gone from slipping and sliding all over the place to being much more sure footed than me. Clearly I am the limiting factor now !!!
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